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Every feature of our CRM system is specifically designed for the needs of Forex brokers. Build custom HTML email templates and autoresponders to send out on predetermined user actions or audience attributes. As our company is continuously working on new updates, any new feature included in the product will be given at no extra cost. This is a fantastic Application, I still haven’t completely explored all the potential and possibilities of this app.

Monitor and accept fast crypto deposits and withdrawals through our payment plugins. The platform can be installed on your servers, which increases data security and gives the broker full control over the software. Best-in-class XCritical CRM is designed explicitly for the brokerage segment. It enables sales and retention teams to drive more revenue via numerous built-in features based on our 15+ years of brokerage business expertise. Salesforce offers market analysis tools to study graphs and make informed decisions on every trade. The “Sugar Sell” sales automation tool is priced at $80/month/user and offers 60 GB storage along with phone support.

It has a wide functionality and allows you to manage and analyse sales managers’ performance separately and sales department performance in general. Motivate clients to deposit more, to trade on live accounts, to make trading volumes using the status system and its benefits. You can explore many ways to accomplish this goal since the settings are flexible.For example, you can create a status system based on the deposit amount. The clients can distribute their funds from the wallet to all their trading accounts or put them back to the wallet.

  • Our brokerage technology gives an unparalleled customer experience, helping you to satisfy your clients and build loyalty.
  • It becomes a great help to all the forex traders and makes your brand reliable for everyone.
  • We became an influential force in the Forex market and maintained our position at the front line of brokerage technology.
  • You can add as many servers as you require, including mixing different platform types, and your clients will see all their account data in one place.
  • Zoho CRM is a robust software that fulfills all your business requirements, from closing the deal and managing company data to collaborating with your colleagues.

Thanks to the CRM system policy, a brokerage office will be able to find profitable solutions to all the needs of its customers. The modern CRM solution platform is specialized computer software that companies use to interact with their customers as efficiently as possible. Moreover, the use of the service is relevant not only for existing ones but also to attract new customers. One of the functions of the CRM is the storage of a complete array of purchaser data, taking into account KYC features. Enhance or build your brokerage business from scratch with our advanced and flexible trading platform, CRM, and a wide range of custom solutions. The VOIP-telephony module provides a reliable connection that improves the quality of communication and its efficiency.

Some important analytics which are covered in this feature include that of e-wallet transactions, withdrawals, deposits, IB and much more. Our FXOD CRM streamlines your processes and acts as a central focus point for your organization. With our easy-to-use CRM you can be sure of offering the very best in customer service. It aids you to monitor new Leads, processing Deposits/Withdrawals, Client/IB administration, Compliance and Marketing capabilities. This module is used to centralise a client’s information and group all trading accounts of a client. We offer solutions in different areas like  Trading system tools & plugins, Software and Financial applications.

Create custom campaign codes and payouts in your CRM for easy tracking and marketing attribution. Run real time reports to show how much revenue you’ve earned per lead and which team members are hitting targets. A to help you track lead flow and convert more leads into active traders. Our Payment Gateway feature allows you to securely accept payments from customers via multiple third-party payment methods, to make payments convenient. The country’s forex kitty had reached an all-time high of $645 billion in October 2021.

Keep your clients’ information safe so you can sleep at night

This, in turn, will generate new leads for you and monitor the actions of clients during trading on the market. Now you will know for sure when your customer needs to call back or possibly help when making one of the trading operations. Our FXOD CRM can operate as a central customer profile and a single wallet. Multiple Trading Accounts from multiple trading platforms can be integrated with one Customer Profile and Wallet.

Also, the office’s risk management can consider in detail how much time the trader spends on each client, and thereby increase work efficiency. For instance, business owners may integrate over 80 reliable payment providers. Implement the Sum-Sub WebSDK technology to automate your KYC verification.

Today, the most successful brokerage companies are required to use this type of program and every year show a significant increase in sales profits. The better the purchaser service access you can provide, the more loyal your customers will attract over time. This step is vital for every brokerage office that works in the market.

Use LXCRM to increase your performance with Integrated marketing & automation tools. The Syntellicore Rebate System makes the management of IBs and Affiliates simple and easy. SmartRebate® is a Syntellicore App which will transform both your CRM & Client Portal into a full-featured, powerful Rebate Management System for your IB Partners. Role Management feature allows you to assign specific roles and permissions to different team members, ensuring that everyone has the right level of access and accountability. We use encryption, access controls, and regular audits to ensure its protection and minimize any risks. Leverage Forex CRM Solution to boost sales and customer retention for your brokerage.


Maximize customer satisfaction and community support with a brokerage system that places emphasis on customer-first service. With proven strategies to improve engagement and loyalty, our system streamlines customer interaction for your agents. AltimaCRM allows your business to simplify multi-tier and multi-campaign measurement of IBs. This ingrained process allows you to streamline IB recruitment, bringing even more people into your partner program.

Over 20 secured and trusted payment gateways are integrated with B2Core for safe and secure payment transactions every time. Gain easy access to all the most popular fiat currencies, сryptocurrencies and stablecoins. With an e-wallet, you can get access to your сryptocurrency through any device. Our e-wallet feature enables you to manage both internal and external transfers including transfers from MT4/MT5 to your e-wallet, IB commissions and e-wallet transactions. Small businesses can opt for “Bigin” by Zoho, priced at ₹550/month/user.

High-level solutions provide both traders and your staff with access to ultimate functionality, reports,
statistics, etc. However, how can you cope with a considerable purchaser base and at the same time, satisfy the financial needs of each of them? Thanks to the use of this software, you will be able to manage the maximum amount of financial info about your purchaser and analyze accounts.

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